5 Best Apps for Booking Train Ticket ( 2022 )

Want to know how you can book train tickets on your phone ?

With the fourth-largest railway network in the globe and an immense count of 24 million daily passengers, traveling by train is commonplace and essential for many people.

Whether it’s taking a local train to work or booking an interstate sleeper train for long journeys across the country, many of us book hundreds of train tickets throughout our lives.

That being said, a common issue faced by people is having to travel to book physical tickets or not finding trustworthy sites where they can get their e-tickets or train tickets online.

This is because while there are many apps for booking train tickets online, not all of them are verified or provide a clean user experience.

So, to make your train ticket booking process more accessible, we have listed 5 of the top apps for booking train tickets online.

1. IRCTC Rail Connect

By far the most trustworthy and prominent application for booking train tickets, the IRCTC Rail Connect App is the official IRCTC application.

It is considered to be the most trustworthy out of our list of best apps for booking train tickets.

Noticing the issues travelers were facing through the online website and physical ticket booths, the IRCTC decided to launch its own complete application to make train tickets easier and simpler to book.

This application features a variety of useful additions and is one of the highest-reviewed options on this list.

In particular, it is one of the easiest apps for booking Tatkal, Premium Tatkal, Ladies, Sr.Citizen, and other quota seats as IRCTC has made sure they are all prominently visible and can be selected.

Along with this, the app also allows both press correspondents and divyangajan travelers to book their tickets at concessional rates with a simple photo ID verification.

In addition, this app also provides useful after-sales services that can make your trip much more convenient and relaxing.

For example, it provides a complete range of information regarding the live status of trains, availability of seats, division of berths, PNR status, and even things like the position of your coach.

So, you won’t have to worry about missing out on anything as long as this app is on your phone.


2. Paytm

It can be considered as one of the fastest app from our list of best app for Booking Train TicketThis speed is thanks to the seamless integration of Paytm’s wallet system with its train ticket booking interface.

So, unless you want to pay separately, you can easily make your booking directly from the funds available in your Paytm wallet.

This also allows for multiple payment options as any method that can be used to recharge your wallet will work perfectly. Another benefit of this integrated wallet is that you can get your money back quickly.

In case of a failed booking, Paytm will automatically credit the money back into your account in under 15 minutes. On the other hand, if you cancel your ticket after it has been booked, you will receive the entire cancellation amount back within 10 days.

Due to this wallet integration combined with the help of a user-friendly and modern interface, Paytm has established itself as a secure and easy-to-use train ticket booking app.

Moreover, as many people already use Paytm for their daily transactions and payments, it is a great option to book your tickets on the go.


3. Goibibo

Here at no. 3 in our list of best app for booking train tickets we have Goibibo

One place where Goibibo excels as compared to many alternative train booking applications is its user interface.

With streamlined navigation and a well-designed UI/UX, it is one of the most intuitive applications on this list.

So, if you are someone who has trouble navigating through the various pages on booking websites or reading all the data, Goibibo can make your bookings easier. This application also provides a valuable set of information without overloading travelers.

For example, when you are going to book a train, you will clearly see key details such as the seat availability for each preference as well as the option to choose your quota.

While it may not have as many quotas and concessions as IRCTC itself, this is often enough for regular travelers. No matter what quota you book your train ticket in, Goibibo is also highly likely to get your ticket confirmed.

When put against many other train booking apps, it was seen to have a very high booking confirmation rate for most types of railway tickets.

This is not only beneficial for getting your ticket in time but can also save you from a lot of hassle when it comes to refunds and returns.  Thus , it is considered as one of the best app for railway ticket booking.


4. MakeMyTrip

A name synonymous with booking Train Ticket and trips, MakeMyTrip has also recently entered the train booking space and termed as one of the best app to book train tickets.

With an integrated “Train” section amongst the various flight, holiday, and other booking options, you can definitely trust this travel app to get your train tickets booked.

Moreover, being one of the largest platforms in the country, this application is also highly unlikely to present you with any annoying errors or warnings that can make booking tedious.

With the immense traffic that MakeMyTrip has, it is also able to provide some of the best deals and discounts for all types of train bookings.

This could be a straight-up discount from the app or various bank and payment gateway integrations that provide lucrative offers.

So, be sure to check out all the discounts to get the best deal on your next train booking.

Apart from this, another thing that makes this one of the best apps for train bookings is the complete packages that the app offers.

These are essentially complete holiday/vacation plans that cover everything from your train tickets to your hotel and everything in between.

So, you won’t have to fuss over finding the right train for your destination or making sure it reaches the correct time as this will all be handled by MakeMy Trip. Thus, this app surely deserves to be on the list of best app for ticket booking.


5. RailYatri

RailYatri is one of the few applications that is designed solely for train ticket bookings and management.

This makes it great for both first-time travelers and avid customers alike as you can get a range of specialized features for your train journey.

For example, RailYatri provides live train status, PNR status, chances of confirmation, and many other useful stats and details similar to the IRCTC application.

long with this, a standout feature of the RailYatri application is that it has a separate section that displays information regarding the nearest hospital or medical center to your live location.

So, no matter where you are, you can rest assured that any accident or mishap can be dealt with swiftly and properly. As it is one of the most popular dedicated applications for train bookings, RailYatri also has a high ticket confirmation rate.

This allows you to save both time and money when booking your next ticket and can make sure you get the seat before it gets picked up by other travelers.

Otherwise, there is always the option to try your luck with the Tatkal option on this application.


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