Best 6 Instagram Reels Downloaders for Android and iPhone

Instagram Reels are popular for being highly engaging and interesting owing to their short length. Such videos tend to be liked and shared a lot by people since they draw attention and keep the viewers glued.

Do you want to download Instagram Reels and share them on other social media accounts? Worry not. Because Instagram Reels downloaders are now easily available to help you with that. You can not only save Instagram Reels for offline viewing but can also repost them on any platform you like.

This article will show you the ropes on how to use an Instagram Reels downloader and create your own eye-catching reels to wow your audience.

Part 1: Best 6 Instagram Reels Downloaders for Android and iPhone

Finding the perfect Instagram Reels downloader can be a tedious task. So, we have rounded up some top-notch apps to help you download Instagram Reels to your Android or iPhone with ease.

1. Barosave (Android)

Barosave is an app specifically designed to download Instagram Reels on Android smartphones. Through Barosave, you can limitlessly save Instagram Reels as well other videos or pictures. Plus, Barosave is easy to use with a simple interface and an easy option to repost it on Instagram. It is free for download.

  • Open the reel you want to download.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the reel and tap on Copy Link or Share to.
  • If you click on-
  • Copy Link: Open Barosave, paste the copied link, and tap on Download to save Instagram Reels to your phone.
  • Share To– From the multiple apps available, click on Barosave. This will instantly download Instagram reel video to your device.


2. The official Instagram app(Android and iPhone)

Luckily, you can just as easily download Instagram Reels through the app itself. The in-built Instagram Reels downloader is a hassle-free and quick way to save videos for later viewing or sharing.

  • Open the Instagram app and tap on the search icon or open a user’s profile.
  • In the Reels tab, click on the video you want to save.
  • Tap on the three dots on the bottom and click on Save to download the Instagram reel video.
  • To view the downloaded reel, tap on your profile and click on the menu icon. Then, tap on Saved. All the downloaded videos will be saved here.


3. Insaver for Instagram(Android and iPhone)

InSaver is a fast and secure Instagram Reels downloader. It allows users to save all kinds of media from Instagram and save it to the phone gallery. All the saved videos can be deleted one by one or cleared all at once. You can download or save Instagram Reels and manage them in the InSaver library.

  • Open InSaver and click on the Instagram icon in the top-left corner.
  • Scroll to find the Instagram reel you wish to download.
  • Click on the three dots and tap on Copy Link.
  • Now the reel will be viewable in the InSaver app. If you want to save it locally, click on the down arrow icon to download Instagram Reels to your device.


4. AhaSave Video Downloader(Android)

One of the best Instagram Reels downloaders is AhaSave. It allows the batch download of Instagram Reels as well as IGTV. Once you download Instagram Reels, you can mute the audio, view in landscape mode, or share to any platform.

  • Open AhaSave and click on the Instagram icon.
  • On Instagram, find the reel you want to download and click on the three dots.
  • Now, you can either click on Copy Link or Share To.
  • If you click on-
  • Copy link: Paste the copied link in the AhaSave app and tap on Download to save Instagram Reels.
  • Share To: Select AhaSave in the share to apps. The video will be automatically saved to your phone.

5. Eros Story Saver for Instagram(Android)

Eros Story Saver is an Instagram Reels downloader that is free for use. An intuitive interface allows users to download countless reels and manage them in the in-built library. The saved videos or images can be reposted to Instagram or can easily be shared to other platforms. This one-click Instagram Reels downloader is quick and safe to use.

  • Open Story Saver and tap on the Instagram icon to open the app.
  • Select an Instagram reel and click on the three dots to Copy Link
  • Paste the link in the Story Saver URL bar and tap Download.

6. ETM Video Downloader for Instagram(Android)

ETM video downloader allows users to batch download and save Instagram Reels locally. You can download Instagram Reels and watch them offline. This Instagram Reels downloader is available in multiple languages.

  • Open the ETM video downloader and click on the Instagram icon.
  • Click the three dots on the Instagram reel and tap on Copy Link or Share To.
  • If you click on-
  • Copy Link: Paste the link and tap on Download to save Instagram Reels.
  • Share To: Select ETM video downloader in the app. The reel will be automatically downloaded.

Part 2: How to Make Your Own Reels on Instagram

The latest Instagram Reels feature is an exciting way to share your memories and events. By now, you must know how to download Instagram Reels, but let’s take full advantage of this feature by learning how to create one.

Creating Instagram Reels is as easy as making any other videos on Instagram, plus a few more editing perks. Just like you record stories, you can click on the Camera icon and slide to select Reels. Then, you’ll be presented with multiple options to make your reels more engaging and unique.

Before your record your reels, you can select the speed to be super-fast or slow-mo. Plus, an audio library enables you to trim and add a favorite song part to your video. The Effects tab has trendy filters and special effects to make professional-looking videos with a single click. If you wish to record the 15-second reel in segments, you can click on the Align icon to record multiple clips seamlessly.

Instagram Reels can be from 3-15 seconds long. You can also use the Timer so that the reels stop recording automatically after the specified time limit. After recording, you can preview and then share it on your profile.

Final Words

Finally, now you know all there is to know about Instagram Reels. The secret of creating engaging Instagram Reels is out. And by using an Instagram Reels downloader, you can easily save your favorite videos to watch later. Also, after you save Instagram Reels locally to your phone, they can be shared on any platform like Facebook, Twitter, or even Whatsapp.

So, download Instagram Reels and watch them offline. Download as many reels as you like without any limit. The downloaded reels can also be edited and shared to make your profiles attractive.

Now, it’s your turn to create or download an Instagram reel video and join in on the fun.

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