New iPhone 14 Pro Max glitch! Random horizontal lines displaying on screen on wakeup


  • Some iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users complain about display glitches.
  • The users reported seeing horizontal line flashes on display upon waking their iPhones.
  • Apple has allegedly said they are developing a software fix for the problem.

On social media platforms, some users of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have complained about a glitch wherein horizontal lines flash across the screen when they wake up their devices without any apparent cause or solution. A user named “1LastOutlaw” on the US-based discussion platform Reddit‘s thread shared that he noticed the glitch on his brand-new iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, as per the user, the problem arises randomly and not while waking up his iPhone screen every time.

iPhone 14 Pro Max display glitch

According to MacRumors, when the iPhone 14 Pro is turned on, dozens of users have reported that one or more green and yellow lines may flash across the screen before fading a short while later. They claim that Apple Support has told them the problem is a bug in iOS 16, not a hardware flaw. The report mentioned that some users claimed the problem occurred after the iOS 16.2 upgrade.

iPhone 14 Pro Max display glitch: Here’s what Apple said

On the microblogging site Twitter, the tech giant’s support page replied to a user stating that they would help users fix the display issue. An Apple employee allegedly told a Reddit user over the phone that the company is developing a software fix for the problem, but the details remain unknown.

In the meantime, in the recent past, several users of the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 13 had issues with iOS 16, including screen freezes, green screens, and highlight searches. It was demonstrated in a video that the display of an iPhone 14 Pro was frozen on the Spotlight Search menu, yet, the phone would not respond when the user attempted to exit it or restart it.

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