WhatsApp testing new video shooting mode, shortcut for blocking accounts 2023


  • WhatsApp is working on a new blocking shortcut feature that will allow users to easily block unwanted accounts
  • WhatsApp will also introduce a new tab feature in the camera section to let users shoot videos and click photos easily
  • WhatsApp’s new camera feature is already under testing and could be rolled out soon

WhatsApp plans to release a block contact shortcut and a new feature that allows users to record videos and click photos from within the application. These new features are expected to come to WhatsApp’s Android version and will be aimed at improving the usability of the popular instant messaging platform. Both features have popped up on different iterations of the WhatsApp Beta version and are expected to make it to the stable version in the coming months.

WhatsApp new Android features

WhatsApp will soon provide a quick shortcut to block a user right from the pop-up notification at the arrival of the unwanted message. Normally, one would be required to select the chat, go to the contact information and then choose the block option. This new feature will however be available when a message from an unsaved number pops up to prevent users from accidentally blocking saved contacts.

WhatsApp is also working on a new feature that will allow users to take videos conveniently by moving to a different tab for shooting. This new feature will be integrated to WhatsApp built-in camera section and will help segregate Photo and Video shooting abilities into different tabs. Currently, to shoot videos one is required to press and hold the shutter button on the camera section in WhatsApp. This can get cumbersome when shooting in a hurry or for a longer duration.

These new features on WhatsApp are expected to come to the Android version of the app first. The new blocking shortcut has been featured on WhatsApp Beta v2.23.2.5 and is currently under development. The new camera tab feature has made its way to WhatsApp Beta v2.22.24.21 and is currently in its testing phase. The features are expected to be rolled out via a stable software release in the coming months.

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